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Race Schedule 2014

Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

There are already 21 cars signed up for this event. The entry for this event was closed in December. However, we have spoken to the race organizers and they assured us that any Formula Junior that applies in next few weeks would not be turned away.

Exclusive FJ Grid
May 17 – 18
Sonoma, CA
Organizer: General Racing
FJHNA Contact: Steve Morici
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11th Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge

This is our second new venue and is much more laid back than the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival. Again, Steve Morici is the individual to contact for this race. This race will be West-Coast Regional Championship.

Exclusive FJ Grid
October 3 – 5
Sonoma, CA
Organizer: Classic Sports Racing Group
FJHNA Contact: Steve Morici

Regional Contact

Regional Representative – Steven Morici


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11th Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge

Fast and fabulous weekend of racing at the CSRG Charity Event this year. The weather was ‘super hot’ with temperatures in excess of 100 deg. Many cars had difficulty with these conditions and many cars had their temp gauges in the red zone.

In the qualifying race Art Hebert in Lola Mk5 and Carl Moore in his Lotus 22 were wheel to wheel through the carousel most of the race. They were closely followed by Chris Locke in his Lotus 27, who was often challenged from behind by Alberto Fernandez Jr.

There was heroic run by Nick Colyvas in his Lotus 27 who started the qualifying race in last place and finished in second place. Nick hounded Art Hebert in the overheating Lola lap after lap. Finally, the traffic saved Art when he was able to needle through it and Nick could not. Chris Locke came in well deserved second place with a best lap 7/100ths quicker than third place finish by Alberto Fernandez, Jr. Alberto’s father was also in the mix with his Lotus 27 finishing fifth. It was great to see the Fernandez father and son team. Splitting the Fernandez family was Ron Maydon in his Copper T56 to take the fourth place.

Tony Nobles brought his Lotus 22 that he recently purchased at Monterey Auction for a shake down and he is planning a complete rebuild this winter. Tom LaCosta came out all the way from East Coast in his gorgeous red Cooper T59. It was wonderful to see him enjoying a very technical track here in Sonoma. Tom Gibson brought his Lotus 18 arriving in the coolest transporters in the Paddock. It was a converted DHL shipping truck, complete with green stripping in Lotus livery. Mark Sange raced his beautiful 1959 Lancia Dagrada in red. It was a hit of the paddock standing next to a Maserati 250F.

Special thanks to Carol Andrews for arranging FJHNA race with CSRG. It was unfortunate that Carol and Jimmy could not stay for the weekend due to a prior engagement. Steve Morici was there for the race to represent FJHNA. Special thanks also for the tent and food to John Anderson. Many thanks to Tom Fallon and Michael Meindorfer to help set up every thing for a great event.

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Photos from the 2008 Formula Junior Golden Jubilee at the Monterey Historics can still be seen here.  Groups 3A, 5A & 5B.