• Grattan, MI race track
  • Lime Rock, CT race track
  • Laguna Seca, CA race track
  • Sonoma, CA race track
  • VIR, VA race track
  • Cota, TX race track

Formula Junior Historics North America


May 19-20, 2017

A great warm up race for the FJ Diamond Jubilee is the Barber Historics May 19-21.  The track, museum and facilities at the Barber Motorsports circuit are world class.  Located on Interstate 20 just west of Birmingham Al – an easy tow from the Dallas/Houston areas and points East.

For details, contact Tom O’Grady or Jim Yule, or www.barbermuseum.org or www.hmsausa.com.



Diamond Jubilee Updates

  1.  Authenticity – each Diamond Jubilee race will be run under the same criteria.  US/Canadian cars will be subject to Monoposto rules.  Non-US/Canadian cars will be subject to FJHRA/FIA rules and classification.  Questions contact Sarah at formulajunior@gmail.com or Jim Yule at jimyule@compuserve.com.
  2.  We have been in contact with the promotors and track personnel regarding local track safety/ tech requirements.  They recognize that we have cars from several countries with varying tech requirements, i.e. Hans devices, arm restraints etc..  Where waivers are necessary, they will be given.  SVRA waivers will be applicable for all three races (Indy, Mid Ohio and Watkins Glen). Contact Jim Yule if you have any concerns.
  3.  Indy Monoposto is the first race of the schedule.  One of the highlights of racing at Indy is being in the Garages along Gasoline Alley.  SVRA has agreed to reserve a block Garages together for our use – however each person must sign up and pay for their garage when registering.  Garages will hold two cars easily – three in a pinch.  contact www.svra.com for registration.
  4.  We would like to have a person(s ) to volunteer to be the “Race Chairman” for each of the Jubilee races (Karol Andrews has volunteered for the Monterey races).  Generally someone who is close to the track and can assist racers and the track/race organizers with car placement and overall organization. This can make a HUGE difference is everyone’s enjoyment of the facility to have a friendly face upon arrival.  Please contact Tom O’Grady.
  5. Pittsburgh Grand Prix and Pitt Races are listed as “optional” and fall after Mid Ohio and the Monterey races.  This are great events and the organizers are very interested in fielding as many Juniors as possible.  They understand we have many racers from outside the US and have indicated a willingness to bend over backwards to assist with storage and logistics.  Contact www.pvgp.org for details or contact Tom O’Grady.